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1. Please Read Competition Rules and Other Pages Carefully ​

  • Please check the website frequently. Changes may be made without any notice.

  • Purchasing an entry means you automatically agree to all the rules.

  • All purchases are not refundable. 

2. Purchased the Entry​​

  • Entry fee need to be purchased by May 1, 2021 (EDT)

  • Category or Experience Level cannot be changed after purchase so please double check before completing your order. 

  • A confirmation email containing the order number will be sent to you after the purchase. You will need this number to complete your form.

2.a. Purchase Award Ceremony Ticket

- You can buy the ticket from purchase page once the registration opens. You will also need a ticket for someone whom you are bringing.

- Dress code is White and Rose Gold


2.b. Purchase Model Ticket

- Model tickets should be purchased by June 1, 2021. 

** Please note that models under 18 are required to bring their parents/guardians to sign consents upon check-in. Please read rules about the model here.


3. Receive the Registration Form

  • After you complete your purchase, a registration form will be sent to your email. Your registration won’t be completed until you submit the form so if you did not receive this email within 24 hours contact us at as soon as possible.

4. Submit the Registration 

5. Come and Compete in NYC!!

  • Your order number will be checked upon check-in. Please print out and bring it with you.

A Grand Prix Award will be given to the person with the highest total points! More entries = higher chances of winning this award! (Multiple entries in the same category is allowed.) 

PRICE - Please make sure to enter discount code at checkout

Discounts for multiple entries are available if all entries you wish to enter in are purchased in ONE transaction. Entries cannot be shared with others. 

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