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1. Please submit high resolution photos. If the photo quality is not good, your work might not be judged properly and could result in zero point for certain criterias.

2. Editing eyelashes and eyes are strictly prohibited. Please do not blur out the skin. (We can edit the skin for works that'll be published on magazines but we need original photos for the judging process) Any watermark, company's logo on photos will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

3. Title of your entry photos should be in this format:

  • First Name-Last Name_Category_Level_Angle#  (Ex. Emily-Smith_Classic_Expert_1)

  • When Category has only one level (All Level): First Name-Last Name_Category_Angle# (Ex. Emily-Smith_Mega_1)

*Please write it in ENGLISH

*For the angle number, please check photo requirement below. 

4. Please DO NOT use special characters on your photo title. Use the English alphabet.


5. Make sure that your photos are in .JPG/.JPEG format ONLY

6. Make sure that the maximum file size that you will submit is 10gb only.

7. Classic Lashes, 3D Volume Lashes, 5/6D Volume Lashes, Lash Lift, Kim K Style - You must submit 8 required photos. You can submit 2 additional photos of your choice. (No required angles) 

8. Fantasy Lash Art - You must submit 5 required photos. You can submit 5 additional photos of your choice. 

9. Follow the photo count LIMIT. Any category requires a maximum number of 10 photos. 

10. Make sure you upload your entries on their designated forms ONLY. DO NOT submit entries of different categories in one form.

11. If the form does not work, contact us immediately at or through our official FB page:

**Please see the below for the examples. (Please make sure to check the photo angles.)

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