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- Once purchase is completed, there will be NO REFUNDS (Even if photos are not submitted on time)

- Works submitted after deadline will not be judged.

- Photos of your work that have already been posted online CANNOT BE USED. Please create a new set to submit.

- Editing eyelashes and eyes are strictly prohibited.

 ***Please do not blur out the skin.

- Any watermark or company logo on photos will NOT BE ACCEPTED

- Experience Level option cannot be changed once you purchase the entry so please double check before purchasing. If we find out    that you entered in a lower experience level, you'll be disqualified. Please check the definition of experience level here.

- No COLOR CONTACT LENSES except Fantasy Lash Art. (If model wears color contact lenses, points will be deducted.)

- Please be mindful of the proper format in submitting your photo entries.

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