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*Organizers have the right to make adjustments to the competition rules. Participants will not be notified personally so please check the website frequently.

- Open to ALL lash stylists worldwide

- Once purchase is completed, there will be NO REFUNDS

- Category or Experience Level cannot be changed after purchase so please double check before completing your order. If we find out that you entered in a lower experience level, you'll be disqualified.

-A person can enter more than one category but there’s no time for a removal if you are completing back to back. Also there’s no place for you to remove model’s lashes at the venue. 

-Please do not tell judges who is your model before the competition starts or/and post about your model on your social media until the award ceremony is over.

Competition Day

-By entering the competition venue, all the participants, models, accompanies agree that they will be photographed and photos will be published on our website and social media.

-Participant must wear his/ her participant badge during the competition.

-No accompany is allowed to the competition area. We don’t have any waiting area.

During the 15min preparation time, you are allowed to:

  • clean model’s lashes,

  • Apply eye patches

  • draw lash map, 

  • attach lash strips on the lash palette, and 

  • set up the working space.


Before the start call you are NOT allowed to:

  • open the glue bottle nor

  • attach eyelash extensions to natural lashes.


-Even if a participant cannot finish preparing within the preparation time, the competition will start on time.

-No food allowed while you are competing. Drinks with secured lids are allowed.

We will prepare

  • Bed light

  • Disposable bed sheet

  • Gloves  (It is not required to wear but the president of NALA will give a special award for a person who followed the highest hygiene protocol based on NALA standard and gloves are a must!) You may check NALA Standard here.

You can bring

  • Pillow

  • Blanket 


You are REQUIRED to bring

  • Hand sanitizer

  • All the lash tools

Point Deductions

  • Opening a glue bottle before the START call.

  • Not putting your tweezers down when the time is up.

  • Disturbing other participants.  (Eg. Playing loud music, talking loudly, etc.)



  • Failure to evacuate the competition area within 10min after time is up. Those who are competing in the following category may remain at their stations.

  • Participating in the wrong level of your experience. (Eg. Participating in a level lower than your actual level)

  • Letting another person wear your badge. (Eg. You want your friend to enter the venue so you let them wear your badge. )

  • Using pre-made lashes and having lashes on your model before starting.



  • Models under 18 are required to bring their parents/guardians to sign consents upon check-in.

  • There is no time and place for taking off lashes between the categories so if you are competing in more than one category, you may need one model per category.

  • If you need us to provide a model for you, you must purchase the model ticket ($60 model fee/ category) by June 12, 2020. 

  • If there’s an emergency and you need a model after June 12, 2020, we will not guarantee but you may contact us.

  • Models must obtain a number at the check-in desk and models must keep their model number sticker during the competition.

  • Models are not allowed to leave the competition area during the competition nor leave evaluation room during the judging. If they need to leave the area/room for an emergency, please ask the floor judges for permission and an escort

  • Models are not allowed to disclose the name of their artists to judges.

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