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NYC Volume Lash Cup

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About Us

NYC Volume Lash Cup first debuted as an online competition which was held mid-year of 2019. Then we made our 2nd online competition in 2020, our third in 2021 and we are excited to be doing this again for the fourth time in 2023!

This will be open for lash artists around the globe. Online 2023 registration will start on March 1, 2023.
The winners will be announced on June 6, 2023. There will be amazing prizes and gifts are waiting for the participants and winners!


2023 Contestants

Nikoletta Kovacshazy-Pari All Level Fantasy Lash Art (6) - Nikoletta Pári.JPG
Aileen-Seeger_fantasy_9 - Legacy Lash Artistry.jpg
IMG_1034 - Serena Scala.jpeg

2021 Contestants

Monika-Damen_Fantasy-Lash-Art_All-Level_Additional-Picture-1 - Monika Damen.jpg
Fiona-McNeil_FantasyLashArt_AllLevel_AngleA - Viking Beard Brand.jpg
Misato-Watanabe_Fantasy_F - 渡邊実里.JPG

2020 Contestants

Fujimi-Noguchi_fantasylashart_3 - f
Aileen Fawcett_fantasy_Angle A - Legacy
Copy of Ievgeniia_Kolosova_Art_6 - Ievge

2019 Contestants

1W1A1799-3 - 劉咻慧.jpg

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